Stories are memory aids, instruction manuals and moral compasses.

In a world where everything goes faster, people don’t take the time to stand still and really listen. To listen to a good story, told by a good storyteller, by an object, or by the skilled hands from a craftsman. Den Blauwen Swaen wants to tell these stories to those who can find the peace to listen. Stories about the past, old crafts, lost times… stories in different shapes, but always stunning stories!


To understand the present, you need to know the past, because the present is a direct result of the past.
With our site, we try to tell some special stories about history. We climb in our family tree, and we meet some remarkable persons. We tell about some interesting exhibitions and archeological finds wich we think are worth sharing. Also we dig into the european bogs and share the stories about the special treasures found there.
Through our Living History hobby we let people experience life from the past, by giving demonstrations and putting down a complete encampment.
Originating from this living history hobby, we came in touch with various crafts. Some of these have become true passions for us.


Many crafts we have learned through our activities within living history, sprang braiding, nalbinding, woodworking, dying wool, weaving etc. These are all crafts that are centuries old, but some of them are almost forgotten by humanity. We try and do our best to bring these crafts onder attention so they can be saved and passed on.


The historyteacher on school who told such beautiful stories. Grandmother told such beautiful stories about life in the old days: When people tell a good story, you’ll never forget them. It isn’t about the storyteller, it is about the story! And beautiful stories have to be told…
Through our history, people have always told stories. from generation on generation. This way we learned about our gods and mythological heroes.  Blue is a storyteller with a passion for stories about the past, mythological- and fairy tales and local legends.
There are so many stories to tell. They don’t always start with the:”Once upon a time” and end with: They lived happily ever after. Stories come in very different chapes and sizes. A good lecture, can be as stunning as a good story. Den Blauwen Swaen tells these stories about subjects we find interesting, like vikings, bogbodies, dead sea scrolls etc.

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  1. Hallo Ronald en Blue,
    Wat leuk om jullie te leren kennen in het EM en wat een uitgebreide site hebben jullie. Leuk om het filmpje te kijken van Ribe. Dat riep bij ons meteen herinneringen op. Ronald, zou jij mij wat linkse kunnen doorsturen van kledingpatronen? Dat zou super zijn. Mijn handen jeuken. Onze flierefluiter zijn trouwens heel leuk gelukt. We moeten ze nog wel even afmaken thuis, want de tijd was behoorlijk krap, maar zo leuk om te doen.


    Johan en Kariz


  2. Hello Ronald and Blue! I am very excited to find your site. I was led here by my interest in the Bocksten Man and then, of course, I was interested in all of your bog people information. I also have found Blue’s art which is incredible! Very unique, very gorgeous – I love the saturation of color in your art. I know I would consider it a lucky day if I happened by a stall selling such wonderful art. I don’t know if I would be able to afford it, but I do know I would most certainly want to! Anyway, I am off to poke around a bit more! Thank you for sharing such interesting information and beauty!
    Washington, U.S.A.


  3. Wie heeft lont wol, ruwe wol, krullen, geverfd met plantaardige kleur stoffen om te vilten en verkoopt dat?
    Ik zoek al geruime tijd, je reactie is heel welkom,
    vriendelijke groet Ellis


    1. Geen idee Ellis, ik begin zelf gewoon met fleece en verf zelf, maar alleen voor eigen gebruik. Helaas kan ik je niet echt veel verder helpen, behalve dat er soms wat leuks op marktplaats te vinden is.
      Mischien kun je gewone naturel viltwol kopen en zelf verven? Hoe dan ook, veel succes



  4. Hallo meester Ronald wij zijn zora en mees uit klas 4 vrije school groningen

    Je websait is echt heel cool hoor


  5. Wij zijn geïnteresseerd in sprang. We zouden het graag willen leren. Geef je les?
    Warme groet!


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