Baby sweater


oranje-truiAfter making my first sprangsweater ever, an orange childs and a little later my first large sweater of witch you can find a discription here, I thought it time to make a babysweater. The princible is the same only smaller and this time with sleeves. Making the first babysweater was quit the task. How large should I make the body? And how wide do I need to make the sleeves? There is the elasticity of the braiding to take into account so you have to make an educated guess. The first time I made the sleeve to short and to wide, the second time the sleeves came out super narrow. At my third attempt I finally got it right.


This sweater I made for good friends and fellow Vikings how just had a beautifull daughter. It made a very appropriate gift. a second babysweater was made in the exact same way and again as a gift for a new born. Making this sweater a number of pictures were made.

On the loom

The first picture shows how the sweater was set up on the loom. The treads that will become the sleeves are attached to the 2 extra ropes. (altough here I used rods, instead of rope)


When braiding the sleeves and you reach the point where the sleeves and body touch, you keep on braiding. This will attache the sleeves to the body without seems.


The neckline has been created the same way as the neckline of the larger sweater. You simply make s split in the middle of the sprang.


I feel that especially a baby sweater needs a little motive a little detail with a high cutefactor. I used holes an sticks to make a pattern including little flowers and a pattern of holes on the sleeves..


And here the endresult worn but the proud owner Renee


Renee’s sweater no longer fitts her. After Mara was born, the sweater was returned to us and as you can see in the picture, Mara looked totaly cute in it.

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