Another way to keep your hair together (historically correct; bronze- or iron age) is wearing a simple hairnet instead of a cap. A net like this is really easy to make. A short description can by found on this page.


The little patch that will form the hairnet itself, is very simple and about 10 by 5 cm when stretched (4 by 2 inch). This net has been braided pretty tight. By leaving more room between the different rows, you can make a more open structure if you like. I choose to make it tighter but it’s a matter of taste…

Tread a cord

When the patch has been finished you take 2 sturdy cords. One is threaded trough the shorter side of the patch. The second is threaded trough the other tree sides of the patch.

Filled net

By pulling the cords you can keep your hair together as this picture shows. The hairnet on the picture is a little larger then the yellow one and has been made with a more open structure. The picture also shows quite clearly how the cords run through the hairnet.

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