Ronald and Blue are both very interested in history. This includes our family history but also our activities in the field of living history.

Family history

We have done some thorough research on our family history. On the next pages you can find all kinds of stuff that climbing your family tree leads to.

kruisboogschutter_gezichtDrents Museum

Blue works at the Drents museum in Assen. Except from the rich history that hides in the buildings, some of the exhibitions are to beautiful not to mention. Of course we want to give these their right attention so we dedicated some pages on them.

tollundman1Bog bodies in Europe

The history of North(west)Europe was shrouded for a big part by vast areas of bog. The last hundreds of years, big parts of these bogs were dug out for the pyte wich was used as fuel. But it wasn’t only pyte that was excavated. On the following pages we reveal what also was unearthed.

Living history

By our opinion, you can’t learn history from a book. That’s why we do living history. We show how life was for the average citizen in the middel ages. Mostly we go to (open air) musea and take a ‘complete’ camp with us including tent and kitchen and we demonstrate old textile techniques like sprang and nalbinding. You’re just one click away from entering a time gate.

Historic royal families

For the ‘Old Orange Foundation we regularly participate in costume shows. As in a fashion show we show a large amount of historical kings and queens from all over Europe. These costumes are as close as possible to the real deal, based on paintings, pictures and descriptions. Sometimes these shows have a special theme from historical happenings like the visit of Louis Napoleon to Assen and Ootmarsum. Here you can see what he did.

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