Family history

Here you find parts of our family trees. Since we both have 4 great grandfathers, you can find 8 different branches. On the left you see the great our grandfathers and on the right you see our great grandmothers .


Cornelis van der Zwan

Married with

Arendje Verbaan

Lambert-1901Hilligje Deen-Kamps (2)

Lambert Deen

Married with

Hilligje Kamps


Leendert M. Jol

Married with

Maria Zijderveld


Petrus B.F. van der Klashorst

Married with

Petronella de Haas


Bernardus B. Seesing

Married with

Grada T. Leisink


Willem Smits

Married with

Jeltje van der Mee


Johannes H. Wopereis

Married with

Grada M. te Veele


Jan H. Schippers

Married with

Cornelia Tromp

karel_de_groteA lot of people who are are interested in their family’s genealogy think it’s really cool to prove a bloodline to a famous person. Like Charlemagne. Not that that’s so special…. It has been estimated that about 85 % of all Dutch who’s ancestors also came from the Netherlands, can somehow trace a bloodline to this historical figure. Ronald en Blue can also claim to be related to this great European Emperor On different ways even. Here you find a number of lists of names. The lists begin with the names of either Ronald’s or Blue’s great grandparent and ends with Charlemagne.

Handtekening van Karel de Grote

If you enjoyed this bit then you really need to click on the picture of Charlemagne’s autograph. It will take you to a page where you can find out how the line of Charlemagne continues. It serves no purpose but giving entertainment. I think the outcome is hilarious. But the fun part is all the way at the bottom of the list

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