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Welcome to the English part of the site of Ronald & Blue. . (v4.0)
The Dutch site has been improved, you're next! A lot of thing are not in perfect working order yet, but hopefully will be soon. Sorry for the inconveniance.

The name of the site is in Old Dutch. "Den Blauwen Swaen" translates as "The Blue Swan". One of Ronald's ancestors owned a pub named "Den Swaen" (The Swan). If you want to know more, check out our family history. Blauw is just Dutch for Blue, so that's obvious...
Parts of this site are still under construction, but we are almost done.
If you click on any of the pictures, most of them will leed you to a nice photoalbum.

If you want to know about any up-date on this site or if you want to give us some feedback (we love feedback), you can send us an e-mail. If you leave your e-mailadres, you get a message every time something new is added to The Blue Swan. It's also possible to follow us on Facebook or Twitter.


Who are we?

Would you like to know who we are, you can read all about us, when you click on one of the photo's



A lot of our time we spend on (living) history. We are members of the Viking Reenactment group Byfrost. Would you like to know more? Click on the picture of the iron age farm.

Iron age farm in Orvelte


As members of Byfrost we have experimented with lots of ancient techniques. Some we have mastered, some are just really cool to see. Just click on one of the pictures


Photography is another hobby, that takes up a lot of our time. If you want to see some of our pictures, just click on the picture on the left

Blue's drawings

Blue makes pencil drawings, that take your breath away. (At least Ronald thinks so). Wanna see some of them? Click on the red headed lady.



We have linked some sites from friends and sites that we think are just really interesting. Just click on the links.

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